Your body, mind and soul all work together. If you only work on your bodily level not much will ever change for you. You might look better for a while but it is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, it looks better for a short time but the ship is still sinking. Your soul, your spirit needs to be taken care of too.

In this ongoing, online spiritual muscle training program you will get to melt your iceberg. The blocks that are standing in the way from where you are now and where you want to be will stand no chance when your spiritual inner light gets stronger and lightens them away. 

Just like the muscles in your body need regular use to keep you going your spiritual well-being is dependent on regular training. If we forget to strengthen our connection to our divine essence we lose our purpose, our well-being and it is the beginning of every dis-ease. It is not easy to do this alone so therefore I created this online group training program so you get guidance and companionship on the road less traveled. 


During this training, you will learn brilliant spiritual practices that will help you to experience flow and ease in a loving way. I will go to the essence and cause of your blocks and together we will unravel them so that you can get your energy level and mojo back without being held back with these outdated concepts of yourself. 


Ready to train your spiritual muscle?

Are you tired of the same old stress over and over again?

I hear you! I worked for most of my life in a high stressed corporate environment until I found a way to escape.


As a spiritual business mentor, I want to help you with my gifts and knowledge to transform your life to what you always wanted it to look like. We come together on Zoom (very easy to use on your laptop, phone or tablet). It will be like hanging out together in real life. This is a very regular support to help you through change and to have accountability on your road less traveled. 


There is also a  FB group which is like a sacred container where you can relax knowing that you are never alone and healing is always available for you. All members will also weekly receive a distant healing from me to make sure there is continuous support. The time and Zoom link for the meeting are each time posted in the FB group. If you prefer to have emails reminding you about the upcoming meeting let us know so we can arrange that accordingly. 

Are you ready to change your life and start to live from flow and ease?

Manifest from your soul’s purpose while being guided by a psychic healer?

This is where you want to sign up for only $37 per month and you can unsubscribe at any time:



During the Zoom session you can ask me questions about your life purpose, your business and what the best way forward for you is. Times may vary to make sure people from overseas can also attend the live meetings. 

If you change your mind you can leave the group at any time. There are no refunds.