I don’t know about you but for me the last decade has been a wild ride!

The most important thing I learned is that letting go of the past and getting ready and in alignment to create your best future is what brings on the miracle changes.

Are you ready to create a life of ease, joy, love, being abundant while fulfilling your life purpose?

Let’s kickstart 2020 in the best possible way with my 5-day reboot your life online challenge. Yes, a challenge means you will not only level up your vibrational level you can also win a price.  

During five days I am going to guide you through releasing, letting go of the last 10 years and all the negative beliefs and energies that might have build up. There will be powerful ceremonies and alchemist magic involved.

After we empty that gunk out we are ready to dream up how we want the next decade to be. I will be sharing the tools I used to turn my life around not only by moving to the other side of the world but also leaving the corporate and creating my dream life on acreage, close to the beach and running my own business on my own terms.

Let's get started and join me in the most powerful way to dream up your future.

A five day challenge to get you ready for the next decade and bring miracle changes.

Me 10 years ago:

I was trying very hard to fit into a life that was not meant to be mine to begin with. I was influenced by the outside world and doing the things that I thought would be bring happiness, love and success.

Instead of just being natural and fully embodying who I was I altered my image by colouring my hair, wearing uncomfortable shoes and wearing clothes to be accepted in the role I was playing. I didn’t realise how my addiction to stress caused so much harm in my body. I was afraid to be me and take up the space my body needs. 

My addiction to stress because I was so eager to please was sky high and I didn’t know it. Shortly after this picture was taken I got fired from high profile job. I broke up with my boyfriend. I ended up alone with two mortgages, no car and no job. I learned so much from this experience!

Now I make it my task to be here for you so you can self-actualise with more ease and flow. 

Let me be your guide and turn on the magic. 


Me now:

Comfortable with who I am and who I am not. Just letting you know that I had to interrupt typing these words to jump in my pool to cool off. It is super hot day today and I no longer sit in a nasty airconditioned office where others dictate my time and temperature. I love this about my life.

Working from my zone of genius doing what I love in my own time and space. Taking up more space literally. The last ten years I had several jobs one of them was cleaning faecis of the floor, another one was traveling to China to design and produce my own handbag brand as said a roller coaster ride. I also got engaged and married. I moved on acreage close to the sea with dogs, horses and alpacas. I am now offering this 5-day challenge super affordable because I want to help you realise your dream life too! 


Angel and I will make sure that all that has to stay in the past decade will be left behind. Cleaning out your energy field. 

We have some special woowoo ceremonies and energy work to bring you closer to your dream life.

My psychic abilities will be used to make sure your aura field will be optimised to receive the new energy that come with this new paradigm. I want you to have an easy way to self-actualise. 

You deserve the life you dream about. 


We are running this online in a private FB group and with Zoom software so we can talk like in real life. If you miss the live sessions there will always be the video available to watch afterwards. You have access to all the videos for 30 days. 

Five days that will change your life for the better. All this magical transformation for only US$37. The prices you can win are: a colouring book made by me with more magical powers when you colour it in, a personalised mandala just for you, a 30 minute online private aura reading session with me.   


Let’s get started and join me in the most powerful way to dream up your future. 

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