Today during my weekly free energy healing and Sananda Spirit talk a dear friend, and a client asked a crucial question:

Why do we sometimes get the feeling that we don’t belong here?

Have you ever deeply experienced the feeling that you don’t belong in this world?

Do you sometimes feel like you are not supposed to be here? That it was not supposed to be this way?

This is the beginning of a profound spiritual awakening.

To recognise that the world is not your home.

The beginning of your consciousness rising to the surface like a seed pushes through the soil to meet the sunshine.

What you are is not from this world, but you need to transcend this world to get where you belong.

Our real home is a state of mind, not a physical place where we can abide.

We seem to think that we need things in the world to be a certain way in order for us to feel good and to feel home. We could not be further removed from the truth. The world is not here to give you what you think you need. Your mind has that task.

All thoughts you have in alignment with your true self will bring you all you need.

Staying in the right mind will bring the right vibration for your energy to evolve. I often use the quote from Einstein to remind us that the world is an illusion, although a persistent one.

The intention you build with your mind gives form to the material world around you. So if you don’t feel like you belong, it means that you have given meaning to the meaninglessness.

Go back to the root, the origin of the idea of “you” the part that started to think a “you” separate from the whole could exist and create.

Go back to that tiny little moment of madness where you saw yourself separate from the whole and decided to do things better, your way and then choose again.

Remember where you came from before you had that idea. That place is still there and welcoming you every time you are ready to join with all that is in the oneness.

Even if you only visit this place for 5 minutes a day, you will bring the results back with you.

You can bring your home with you wherever you go.

As the saying goes, wherever you go there you are.

Looking to fix this problem in the world will only bring more longing and disappointment.

You need to step in the mind that can solve this and leave the mind that created the problem.

And it all starts with the awareness that we do not belong here.

All it takes to solve the problem is the willingness to see things differently and bring them back to the light where they belong.