When I travel to these Pacific Islands I become aware that things change depending on the perspective I take on them. Everything is seen through a filter. The filter seems to be made of previous experiences, other countries I traveled to, places I lived, places I visited, my state of mind at the moment I perceive the world around me. I had read on Tripadvisor that the staff in this hotel were not very friendly and to my surprise they were very helpful, warm and welcoming when I arrived and went out of there way to make it all happen. 2 days later I was tired and grumpy and to top it off the staff in the restaurant was very dry and uninterested in what was going on around them and brought me a cold dinner. I suddenly realised I was looking into a mirror. I changed my mindset and things started to fall into place. Bula and Vinaka everywhere!


Now I start seeing it as a play. Nothing is personal but whatever I see is a sign of the perspective that I am taking at that moment. When I am not happy with what I perceive I look and see where my awareness wants me to shed some light on. Lately my experience have confronted me with balancing a sense of duty and my feelings. How often do I go against that what I know intuitively is not good for me only because I have a sense of duty and feel obliged to act a certain way or think certain thoughts. How often do I give away my personal power and act out of a sense of duty and not with my whole heart? How congruent am I, and what does it really mean.

I am going to meditate on that and will be back, with some luck there will be internet at the Solomon islands

to be continued

Paradise sometimes but always a  projection of my thinking

Paradise sometimes but always a projection of my thinking