“All you need is love and understanding”, was a very popular song many, many summers ago. It was the kind of song that would stick in your head for days. Many songs are still about love: love found, love lost and anything in between. The type of love referred to is mostly the love for another person, the love experienced in a relationship. Not many songs are written about the concept of love with a capital L. The type of love that does not require a special relationship and that without any understanding wells up from the deepest core of our being. The unconditional love that we cannot help but experience and feel when we open ourselves up to it.

Once we let go of the ‘need’ in love, we can experience true love. When we need someone to be a certain a way in order for us to love them, we are not talking about Love. Any time we become aware that certain conditions have to be met in order to give or receive love we are talking about the other type of love, not the universal Love, the essence of what we are at our core being. These songs, movies and books about romantic love instead of universal Love add to the limitations of our belief about what love actually is. We have adopted the beliefs that are like propaganda in the media and feel unloved if we do not experience the conditions that are supposedly to be met to feel loved according to this belief system.

Have you ever tried to experience love within you without projecting it outside onto someone else?

Do you know how it feels to experience deep love without any reason?

Have you ever wondered how blissful you would feel if you could unconditionally love yourself and those around you?

Try to become aware about what your belief system is about love and Love. Take note what makes you feel loved. What is preventing you from giving and receiving love?

How many conditions does someone have to conform to before you can give love?

How do you allow others to show their love for you?

What makes you feel loved? Can you see that is like a language, a love language, that in order for you to feel loved someone has to speak that same language?

Do you notice that difference that in universal Love versus personal love there is no language, no conditions to be met?

The universal Love just is. It is not this and it is not that; it exists pure and simple, so you do not have to be, do or have anything to experience this type of love. Just quiet your mind, no thinking, no expectations, turn all your attention inside and allow universal Love to show itself to you.

Next time you find yourself judging and not feeling good about a situation or person say to yourself ’can I see Love instead of this?’

Notice that if something is not Love, it is a call for Love.

If someone is angry and screaming, they are calling for Love. Look what other examples you can find that point towards this. Write them in the comments below and let us look together where else in your life you are looking for Love and where you do not know how to ask for it.

Let’s talk about this.

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