Let me take you along and share why I love doTERRA oils so much. Where do I begin?

To tell the story of how sweet my life has been since I started using them on a daily basis… and more importantly, how can they help you with living a healthy, natural lifestyle with new solutions to soften your emotional, murky waters?

I have been using essential oils for over 25 years. For a couple of years, I was sales manager for a company that made flavours often based on essential oils, so safe to say we go way back the smells and me. 

The last couple of years I started using oils more and more to work with the emotional wellbeing of people. You know how it can be difficult to pull out a weed from a hard ground but that when you pour some water around the weed it slips out so easily?

That is how I use oils to remove the blocks of limiting thoughts and beliefs that make use emotionally and sometimes physically suffer. Every week I make a video about a specific oil or issue and if you like to be on that email list to get them in your inbox for free click here to subscribe: CLICK HERE

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