Life As An Artist


4 months after I was born I started holding a crayon or pencil between my toes and I made drawings on cardboards sitting on the dining table while my nappies where being changed.  The little monkey with a very entertaining act for my family.  Slowly but steady I proceeded to sit up and to hold the crayon in-between my fingers. Once I started to move around the house no pen nor peace of paper within my reach was safe. I made drawings on everything I could get my hands my on, and that was not always so great for the family members. Each document they possessed no matter how official or trivial would soon have a drawing of a boat, the sun, the moon and Saint Nicolas with his horse on it. At night tied up in bed (in those days normal practice to avoid kids from scratching) I continued to draw on the wall above my bed, with my toes as in the early days 🙂

My collection of pens and types of papers has always followed me and my husband has to laugh when he sees I am happier with a bunch of coloured pencils than with a bunch of flowers. The way I practice my art has changed. I had a classical training with years of drawing boxes and perspective and it was interesting but took away my desire to create sometimes. For a while I painted horses and sold some work, then I moved to Australia and suddenly I started to make abstract drawings. They just happened like in a dream state kind of way. This type of abstract artwork takes time to grow and it is still growing on me. I am soon moving house and I will finally have my own art studio. That should result in more abstract artwork, I hope