I have an unusual talent. I am a psychic aura reader and healer that cuts through all the blocks and gets results. I see right to the very heart of every issue – so when it seems like I’m reading your mind… it’s because I am. 

For years I worked in high profile jobs in the corporate world. I had to hide my gifts to fit in. Throughout my awakening journey of empowerment, I learned how to take my life in my own hands and stop being the victim – so rather trying to fit into a World that didn’t fit me – I changed my life completely and now I am mentoring people like you to experience the same. 

Jokingly I call myself a spiritual PT because I specialise in training the spiritual muscle of business people while I mentor them through their challenges with the guidance of their own soul. 

When I am not playing with my horses, dogs or alpacas I spend my days writing, healing, teaching spiritual techniques and helping high powered people who, (maybe even secretly) know they are intuitive. My passion is to help these amazing souls like you to connect with the deepest parts of their true being, so rather than hiding from who they truly are – they step out and shine. They use their gifts to make the right decisions, to make the epic changes that seemed so hard before, without this guidance… And this is why I love my life.

I highly recommend you work with Nadine to help you remove your blocks so you can be more successful, more fulfilled and aligned with what you want and who you truly are.

Kai Ashley, Transformational Healer

If you or anyone that you know just wants to be a better version of themselves or is unsure of how to move a blockage…Nadine can certainly help you. Her work and herself I cannot recommend anymore highly. I do not need to look anywhere else I feel complete for having done the work with Nadine.

Kerry Phairs, QLD Australia

The upcoming eclipse this weekend might bring you that Fiat Lux moment that you have been waiting for. Suddenly that what was in the dark becomes light. You could out of the blue recognise that you have been putting your attention in the wrong spot. Or that you have been striving for something that is not in my best interest. We sometimes do that. We let ourself be convinced by other people to what is in our best interest. We forget that others are always looking at it from their perspective. We forget that we have all the knowledge within us. All this knowledge from the runes is within you.

YES I Do & I Did It - Book Cover