Have you been tired lately and struggling to keep up with the new energies that are available?

Do you want to create a new you that can hold much more light energy in your body without feeling exhausted?

If you are ready to take a quantum leap this Masterclass is for you.

I will guide you through a transformational meditation. We will be cutting cords to the things that are holding you back. I will look into your energy fields and scan for blockages from this and from past lives. There will be energetic healing and tons of Reiki.

Together we are going to upgrade our consciousness.

We will practise with a spiritual anchor to keep you in place even in the wildest water. 

The earth is going up once octave and you will be ready to rise to the new high vibe.


Like attracts like and the higher you can keep your vibrational level the more of the same you will attract. Change comes from within, not from your outside circumstances. I moved to the other side of the world to discover it doesn’t change a thing. Wherever you go there you are. It is a change from the inside out that makes the real transformation happen. 


Join me on this journey online 

Time: Australia Brisbane time Friday 12 March 12.30 pm until 2 PM if you miss the live session an audio recording will be made available

Other time zones: Thursday 11 March 9.30 PM EST, 6.30 PM PST

We will have our Masterclass on Zoom. Once you sign up and paid on the above Paypal link you will get an email with the invitation. You don’t need to have your camera on to attend. It is good to make sure you sit in a private place and have paper and a pen and a cup of tea or some water. You might insights that you want to write down and after the healing, it is important that you drink lots of water to remove all the negative energy we will be deleting and untethering. Take good care of yourself and keep your vibrational level high. The rest will follow. 
lots of love