What is your life purpose?

As I am updating my website, I notice that instead of “Life Purpose Facilitator” I am now putting Aura Healer on the top next to my name.
I am facilitating my life purpose.
I was and am good at pointing out to others what their purpose is, however when it comes to myself I need a coach to point out the obvious. It is strange, but it reminds of how we all see easier what is wrong with others than with yourself.

It is like if I put my nose in my journal, I can’t read what I have written down. I need to remove the writing a certain distance to look at it. The same with coaching. I need someone removed from my issues in order to point them out to me.

The most successful people all have a coach, mentor or whatever you name it to support them in the fulfilment of their life purpose and business. It is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of strength to know what serves you best and to be humble about it.

I made a drawing during a session I had with a local psychologist and put in on my wall so that occasionally I can add words to it from my subconscious mind. It looks strange, not as elaborate as my usual drawings and at the same time is very raw and truly me. I felt like hiding it. Because my goal is to be fully visible, I decided to use it for this blog. I am tired of being vanilla and being a bit of a people pleaser. I step our more every day to be authentic and to find my real voice.
When I was in the corporate world, I mostly had a damper on that aspect of myself. Now I can be as out there and quirky as my heart desires. The door of my prison is now open however I am afraid of stepping out.
Do you resonate with this?
Have you ever experienced that when you have the full freedom that your conditioning and lifelong habits seem to be fearful of fully stepping into your freedom and power?

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