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Weekly Connection and Intention Setting Group

Connect with the Divine and reduce your stress by bringing clarity to your true priorities

You want to start your week peacefully and with clarity on what needs to be done. 

But, Monday mornings are so stressful, and you just don’t know what the most important thing is that you need to focus on that week. You’ve got so many balls up in the air, and you find it hard to know which one will help you to keep moving forward to your desired outcome or which ones are hindering you in realising your dreams.

You need a gentle way to start your week at the right vibrational level. A connection to your higher self and the divine to open up, and lighten the way forward.

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The Right Vibes

As you reap, you sow. I used to plan my week ahead like a soldier going to war, and boy, did I get to fight!

I learned over the years that using your intuition and soul’s guidance is a much more effective way to make the change you want to see in your life. When you come from love, you get more loving energy during the week that follows. 

That is why it is so important to start your week on the right vibrational level, so you can move forward with positive vibes and not the useless high-stress hormones that make your stomach cramp and your head spin. 

Give yourself the luxury to come back to yourself and what really matters to you.

Client Experiences

Nadine had such great intuitive powers, she was able to pick up what was going on in my life. I received so much clarity and comfort from seeing her and gaining a soul focused perspective on things. Highly recommend! 

Michelle NSW Australia

I had an incredibly inspiring reading with the masterful Nadine Nelen today who helped show me the messages and meaning behind big questions I have been seeking to understand for years.

I feel so much better, and have a clearer sense of purpose and path forward, and practices to help me stay grounded and embodied.

Nadine is a bright gold star that helps ignite others glow.

Melissa Holtz US

Who Is This Reading For?

A reading can be helpful for many people. It will be particularly helpful if you are feeling stuck, have a major change you want to make or have questions about your life, work or relationships that keep running through your mind.

It’s also for you if you:


  • Have an idea of what is holding you back but you want confirmation from your higher self


  • You are looking for clarity in regards to a certain relationship 


  • You want to know if you should stay or go


  • You want to know why the same thing / people keeps tripping you up and makes you lose your temper / calm


  • Are struggling to change something in particular in your work or love life, but no matter what you try, the same things keep happening again and again. You want to know if this pattern is caused by a past life


  • Want someone who can help you communicate with your higher self; you know the answers are inside you, but you can’t hear them because of the background noise.


  • Desire to embody the divine calling you felt when you came to this life but aren’t sure at all where to start

Clarity Point To Alignment

Your body is trying to communicate with you all the time. It sends you information, such as stress signals, as a way to focus your attention, but you know how to override these. You might overwork, overeat, overdrink or overthink the information. 

It’s difficult to go above and see the cause of your issue clearly.  

If you are serious about gaining some clarity, a Clairvoyant Clarity Session will open up a higher perspective for you. It will give you insight about where you are and where your soul’s path is guiding you if you stay on this road. You’ll also be able to see other options, and sense what else is possible.

And from there, you can choose what to do next to get into alignment with your soul’s purpose.

Nadine did an aura reading for me yesterday. It was my first time. I intend having them regularly. She is amazing. She read me like a book. Most of the stuff is personal but I learnt that I’ve been here on this earth many times before.

You’ve got to have your aura read. Just contact Nadine Nelen and get it done.

Elaine Lawrence UK

Benefits of a Reading

Many of my clients have massive realisations and a-ha moments during the course of a reading. Others feel like they can finally relax and feel at peace for the first time in years.

After a  powerful session you will leave with:

  • Positive outcomes for how you want your life to be


  • New awareness of what is causing many of your challenges in your life right now (they may not be what you think)


  • A renewed sense of energy about turning your life into one of joy, happiness, and fulfilment (and what you need to let go of)


  • A “next-step” action plan for moving closer to getting the life of your dreams; feeling loved, connected to your beloved, supported by your community, happy and full of joy.

Personalised Reading

The reading is held in a sacred container between my higher self and yours. I act like a translator from another dimension. I connect with your soul self in a unique vibrational field. 

Your higher self will be the guide during the session as I relay the information I receive when I ask about what you want to know. Sometimes your guides might pop up and add to the reading. 


At the time of your booking, you can point me towards the main area you want to address in your life. During the reading you can ask questions, and a dialogue can be had.  You’ll be given a next step, one that is coming from your higher self and that will help you move forward on your soul journey.

Nadine just blew me away with how accurate and soul touching her psychic healing was… She told me things about myself that went to my very core, and helped me see myself in a whole new light! But more than just telling me – she helped me heal on a deep level.

The next day I felt grounded, refreshed – but so much more confident because of the messages she gave me. She had tuned into a past life of mine and contacted a spirit guide – the things she told me about my power to transmute energy and heal were exactly how I see myself, but now I know it goes back centuries. It was incredibly special.

Kai Ashley, Transformational Leader of The High Achievers

As Your Clairvoyant Reader

Certified Healer, Reiki Master and Psychic Reader

I’ve been certified in Touch for Awareness and in Aura and Chakra Healing and have been helping clients find clarity, healing and a path forward using these skills starting in 1998.

I later trained to become a Master in Reiki in the Usui Shiki Ryoho system.

In addition, I also have studied and trained to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) , also known as tapping, to help reduce stress levels, achieve inner peace, create more abundance, open up to love and dealing with pain and healing issues. I’ve also been certified in the Money Breakthrough Method® to help clients create and sustain financial abundance.

I’ve been doing this work full time now for five years and have brought clarity to hundreds of people through different sessions. 

Experienced Professional and Business Owner

I worked for 33 years in a variety of different companies and held various roles in sales, marketing, mid-level management, and leadership. I experienced first hand the stress from continuously traveling, managing competing deadlines, meeting targets, dealing with difficult colleagues and having to hire and fire people.

In addition to my corporate experience, I have an extensive background as founder and owner of several different businesses. I’ve experienced the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, and several times have re-invented myself, my business and my life in response to challenges.

Now, I translate all these skills and experiences into my work with clients every day.

My Why

When I finally let go of what I thought my life was supposed to look like, I started to live my life from my heart and my soul, and so much changed. My health became better, I got married, I moved to an acreage not far from the sea. Finally, I had time and could allow things to come to me instead of my doing all the time and being exhausted.

Now, I care about you and want to help you find clarity and a way forward. I want to help you get in touch with your higher self and move away from the overwhelm and suffering and into a place where you have the time to do the things you are meant to be doing, allowing more love to flow into your life.

What’s Included?

Two options: 

33-minute reading

  • One 33-minute individual one-to-one reading session, where you bring one or two questions on an area of your life where you want more clarity.


  • Optional session recordings
    • If you want recordings of our calls, we can use Zoom to record the sessions. Sometimes recordings can be helpful so you don’t have to take notes or can review our sessions. Otherwise, we can also do phone /whatsapp sessions 

 Price  AUD130

One-hour reading

  • One 60-minute individual one-to-one reading session, where you bring one or more questions or a particular area of your life where you want more clarity.


  • This reading includes the standard 33-minute intuitive reading format, and also includes:
    • Time for in-depth follow-up questions or specific areas of inquiry as guided, such as past lives, ancestral influences, soul contracts, and so on
    • If applicable and I’m guided to, work to clear blocks in the energy field and jumpstart your next steps
    • Soul-guided next steps


  • Optional session recordings
    • If you want recordings of our calls, we can use Zoom to record the sessions. Sometimes recordings can be helpful so you don’t have to take notes or can review our sessions. Otherwise, we can also do phone /whatsapp sessions 

Price  AUD220

Are Your Ready for a Clairvoyant Clarity Session?

If you’re ready to get clarity, follow these steps: 

Step 1:  Choose a 33 minute or 60 minute reading

Step 2:  Click on the Book Now button next to the duration time you have chosen 

Step 3: You will be redirected to my booking page in Acuity. Make sure you choose the time zone you are booking from and book a time in my calendar that will work for you. I offer compatible times for all timezones. 

Step 3: Answer the questions and confirm your booking. You will receive a confirmation email

Step 4: The email will allow you to add our call to your calendar. The Zoom link will also be in that email. All you need to do next is click on that link the day and time you have booked with me and we will go live. 

If you need to, you can reschedule your call using the link Acuity Scheduling will send you. The link will stop working 48 hours before your scheduled call. 

​​Wow. I enjoyed a 15 minute mini phone reading with Nadine yesterday. It was ‘spot on’ and validating.

Nadine answered my relevant/immediate question in my life and gave me strategies to assist. A positive experience & very worthwhile.

I have just realised that I have ‘moved on’ and an emotional block & has been removed and has allowed me to move forward.

Many thanks Nadine.


Contact Me Today

Feel free to ask me any questions you have about the Chill and Change Your Life program. I promise I don’t do hard selling and am not trying to get you on the phone to ‘close the deal.’ I want you to feel comfortable to ask any questions you have.  Click here to email me any questions you have.

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