Divinely Guided Weekly Creative Business Planning

From your soul to the soul of your business

You have this creative force in you and you know that is meant to be a business that can propel you forward in the direction of the life you want to create for yourself and your family.

You are meant to be creative but the downside of us creatives is that we get distracted and put our attention on the next shiny object. I’m here to get you grounded from your heart, from your soul, from the divine and to lead you on a sustainable path that is aligned with your true desires. 

I created a brand new online program to bring your heartfelt divinely guided business to a level where it can support your dream life. 

I’ll connect your soul to the soul of your business. 

Weekly we tune into the soul, the energy of your business and of your heartfelt desires. We plan from this magical space to ground it to make it happen in real-time instead of it just being a dream.

When you miss the live event you can listen to the recording and do it at a time that suits you better. It is important to have a way of setting goals that work for you and that is not the same way for everyone. 

I’ve tried so many goal settings techniques and spent a small fortune on courses about how to grow a business and believe me if you are intuitive, creative, and not ready to deplete yourself with a to-do list that will make you cringe and hate the whole thing this is the method that works for me and I bet you it will work for you too. It’s a simple process and only takes half an hour a week but will save you so much time where you would normally procrastinate and scroll to your feed or binge watch another series. Let’s create some momentum together.

If you are starting your business this will bring you clarity in what needs to be done and what is just keeping you away from getting it off the ground on the right foot.

If you have already been trying for a while to get more paying clients but find yourself running in circles or only getting advice to work harder you will find this weekly putting down of the goals of the souls bringing you the connection and results you know you deserve. 

The weekly price is only 24 Australian dollars, the price of a nice pizza and you will create more propulsion towards your goals and finally tap into your true potential. 

Billing is monthly and you can opt-out at any time. 



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