You are so ready for a major makeover of your life. 

Your job is stressing you out.

Maybe you’ve got too much on your plate. Or you aren’t getting along with your manager or colleagues. Or perhaps you realise your personality and temperament aren’t very well suited for corporate life. You have tried to fit in, and it always feels a bit off. 

It could be any of these things or more. 

Maybe you’re not sleeping well, and you feel tired all the time. Perhaps you’ve been feeling overly emotional or easily triggered. Maybe you’ve put on weight because you can’t seem to make time for taking care of yourself.

Whatever it is right now, you’re at your wit’s end. 

It’s hard to get up and go to work in the morning. Maybe you’re not even sure why you’re still working at this job anymore. It seems like money is the only thing comforting you. 

You know you need a significant change, but you aren’t sure where to begin.

You’ve probably done lots of things to reduce your stress level or to figure out what to do next. 

Maybe you’ve taken many self-development courses and read many books on stress management, but somehow your situation stays the same.  

You stay stuck. 

Maybe you’ve attended some group programs as well. But the truth is it’s too easy to bow out and drop the work because you’re busy. 

Perhaps you’ve even hired a life coach, but you didn’t get the results you wanted. 

I want you to know that this is so, so common, and it’s all OK. Sometimes you have to go through things, sometimes many things that don’t work before you can find the thing that does. 

Change is hard to do on your own. 

Books and self-development online courses are wonderful tools and can open a window of insight, but to really change it takes time and consistent attention. Have you ever read a book on vacation, resolving to make all these changes only to find by the end of your first week back, everything’s sort of faded away?

When you are looking to change your beliefs and behaviours, it can be hard to stick to the work on your own—having someone to meet you where you’re at and hold you gently accountable can be a tremendous support. 

Also, it’s often difficult to see yourself. Everyone has mental blocks and experiences from the past that can keep them from moving forward and applying what they know. Also, when you’re too emotionally involved, it’s difficult to see clearly. It is like you are trying to read a book that you hold too close to your face. 

I’ve been there

I worked for 33 years in a variety of different companies. At various points, I was ploughing through 400 emails a day, always on the road or in the air. There was never a day when I was not available for the hustle and bustle of my job.  The experience I had as a professional woman helps me both empathise with and provide practical, no-nonsense solutions to clients in the work I do today.

I care about you and want to help you find a way out of the rat race, out of the overwhelm and suffering and into a place where you have the time to do the things you are meant to be doing, allowing more love to flow into your life.

That’s why I created this program. To help stressed-out women like you find clarity and a way forward.  

I have worked with Nadine for many years on an ad-hoc basis and also on a three-month program. I have worked with her on personal and professional issues and her amazing insights have changed my life. Her powerful combination of spiritual insight in conjunction with experience gleaned from her own successful business career makes her the amazing logical healer that she is. I have recommended Nadine to many friends and family and every one of them has benefited in their own way. Investing in Nadine’s programs is an investment in yourself that you will not regret. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Sharon S, QLD

Who Is This Program For?

This program is for stressed-out women who know they need to make a significant change but aren’t sure where to start

It’s also for you if you:

  • Are struggling to change something in particular in your work or love life, but no matter what you try, the same things keep happening again and again.
  • Feel tired of the hustle and bustle and are looking for an easier life
  • Realise you’ve been spending your life trying to fit in, and now you want to start living fully as your authentic self.
  • Are feeling fed up with your own BS and want to start a real transformation 
  • Want someone who can help you communicate with your higher self; you know the answers are inside you, but you can’t hear them because of the background noise.
  • Desire to embody the divine calling you felt when you came to this life.
  • Want to develop your psychic or intuitive abilities and learn how to keep your vibrational level high

Who is This Program Not For?

My work is deep and is considered by many to be mystical. It’s powerful, but it isn’t for everyone. We probably won’t be a good fit, if you: 

  • Aren’t open to trying techniques you might not have tried before, such as journaling, meditation, and others
  • Aren’t interested in exploring your inner wisdom and intuition
  • Don’t want to work on changing certain habits or ways of being
  • Are just looking for someone to simply ‘heal their energy’ and not do any of the accompanying growth to change
  • Believe that big change regularly happens overnight. (Or think you can pull up the grass to make it grow faster!)


Client Experience

I found Nadine at a time when my life had come to a stop and I knew I needed to move forward but I didn’t have the tools nor the knowledge on how to move forward. Through working with Nadine I have not only moved forward but jumped leaps and bounds. I can’t put my finger on the exact moment when it happened. It seems to have happened smoothly, calmly with no sudden shocks or jolts, just very beautiful and calm. 


I am a much better version of myself now than I was 12 months ago when I started working with Nadine. If you or anyone that you know just wants to be a better version of themselves or is unsure of how to move a blockage or how to handle a situation better or really just feel better, be better and perform better Nadine can certainly help you. Her work and herself I cannot recommend anymore highly. I do not need to look anywhere else. I feel complete for having done the work with Nadine. 


Kerry Phairs, QLD, Australia

First Up: Reducing Your Stress

You might look at your life and think “No more!” If you’re thinking about this program, you might be worried about there being work between sessions or thinking about not being able to do 

I get it. I used to be in your shoes working long hours and feeling overwhelmed and feeling like I couldn’t fit even one more thing in my life. 

The good news is that when we start working together I give you tools that you can use between sessions to help reduce your stress. They’re targeted….and they don’t take long to do. It might be a 5-minute meditation, a quick tapping exercise or a short journaling assignment. Whatever it is, I know you can’t take hours away to hole up and contemplate life. That’s why these are quick and easy.

Once you start using them, you’ll experience longer and longer periods of calm and centeredness. You’ll start to feel better and you’ll actually want to use them even more.

A Steady, Comprehensive Journey

It took your whole life to develop your life the way it is now. It will take time to unravel. In 12 sessions you can start to experience the first steps of the new you coming into existence. 

During the first few weeks, we lower the stress levels and calm down. That can easily take a month or more, depending on how things are.  Firehouse – triage. All fires are out. 

What caused the fire is next. When you go to the cause of something, you can avoid it going forward. If you don’t know what causes the fire, you can’t avoid it and it will keep happening again and again. You need to know which electrical circuit is causing the spark. Otherwise, you might just go on repeat and end up back in the same situation. You start to realise your patterns, and this is what’s needed to make lasting change. 

You learn tools to rewire yourself and get more in touch with yourself…

Then we start digging deeper, we peel layers of the onion. We look at your guides.  Discovering the patterns and what’s keeping them stuck 

Identifying what you really want. This is important. You might have some ideas about what you want. But some of these may be coming from your own limiting beliefs. We dig deep, and I help you search for meaning.

Then you start taking steps toward the new growth, your new life. When you start taking steps, things can come up. Obstacles, resistance, old patterns. We work through these together so that you’re well equipped to keep moving forward. 

All of this work takes time, and requires showing up consistently and with an open, engaged heart. 

I have worked with Nadine for a number of years now and was introduced through a friend.  Nadine has a very refreshing and engaging method in supporting, encouraging and spiritually guiding.  

I came away having learnt a lot about myself and what I wanted moving forward.  I would highly recommend her to you.

Michelle Sneesby

Personalised Support

This program is highly personalised. Although there is a path we will follow to help you reduce your stress and overwhelm and start to make the change you want to make in your life, each person here is on a unique journey. 

Your soul chose certain circumstances in this lifetime so you could grow. I will look into your soul’s journey over several existences. I tune into your energy and see what your higher self wants. Every session is made as per what is needed at that specific moment.  

What is it that you want to transcend in this lifetime? When I work with you one on one I can have conversations with your higher self and ask what is needed step by step to bring you towards the path of your soul. I can see the problems that have made it impossible for you to follow your soul’s guidance. I can see the past lives of other soul’s around you and why you are together in this lifetime.  You are very unique and the answers I will get from your higher self are only valid for you. 

I will also teach you how you can access your higher self so you can be in direct contact to ask any questions you may have. I will make sure to find techniques to lower your stress level that are adapted to your needs. We are all very different with different needs. Just like with dieting what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for someone else. You deserve a plan that is made just for you, one that brings you the fastest results in the minimum of time. Something to make your life easier, not more complicated. 

Nadine just blew me away with how accurate and soul touching her psychic healing was… She told me things about myself that went to my very core, and helped me see myself in a whole new light! But more then just telling me – she helped me heal on a deep level.

I myself am a healer, coach and leader online, and because of this work I can get quite ungrounded sometimes, She tuned right into that and helped to ground me – plus she gave me some special homework. She didn’t know this but I love being barefoot in nature it is very healing for me. During the sessions she told me that I needed to be outside barefoot on the grass – something I hadn’t done for a while, even though it is one of the number one things that makes me feel happy and whole.

The next day I felt grounded, refreshed – but so much more confident because of the messages she gave me. She had tuned into a past life of mine and contacted a spirit guide – the things she told me about my power to transmute energy and heal were exactly how I see myself, but now I know it goes back centuries. It was incredibly special.

I highly recommend you work with her to help you remove your blocks so you can be more successful, more fulfilled and aligned with what you want and who you truly are.

Kai Ashley, Transformational Leader of The High Achievers

Steps to take to book your free consult:

Step 1. Fill in your name and email address and underneath a short message so I can know a bit about you, your main struggles and what you want to change most and hit the submit button
Step 2: Once you have sent me your email address and the main area you want to change in your life, you’ll receive a link to schedule a consult call.
Step 3. At the scheduled time of your consult, we’ll consult! We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit and answer any outstanding questions you may have.
Step 4. Then we’ll get started! If you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. If you choose not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need.


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