What comes up in your mind when you hear the word guilt? How aware are you when it comes to finding the origin, the real reason behind you feeling guilty? When you realise that you are continuing doing what you are doing in the awareness it will bring a guilty feeling, do you stop and look at the issue? What tactics do you use to avoid this awareness?

Have you noticed that feeling guilty is most often due to the belief system you are holding? If you change your belief in what is right and wrong, do you see a difference in when you would feel guilty?

Write down three prominent causes of you feeling guilty. Start each sentence, “I feel guilty when …” and fill in the dots.
How would you feel if you did not believe the statement you wrote? What is the reason you hold on to this belief? Does it bring you some secondary gain?

This is a different blog, with lots of questions and not many answers. The answer is in you, in what you believe it is. Can you see how that makes sense? Can you own your beliefs and see how they are responsible for your life? Who would you be without your beliefs about what should make you feel guilty and what is ok to do? Can you find at least one belief that is no longer serving you and that can be replaced by another one?

What would it take for you to return to innocence?  Maybe innocence is the place where there is the awareness of what is aligned with the real you. When you are not in alignment with your awareness, you might experience the feeling of guilt.

It seems that whenever we go against our judgment of what is right and wrong we risk feeling guilty. Take one step back and look at the judgement. Does it stand the test of time? Does it always apply or are there exceptions? Are you a hundred percent sure that you are right? Does it make you feel better?