Dr Doolittle anyone?

One of my favourite movies I had a kid was Dr Doolittle.

A movie about a vet who spoke to animals. I loved animals however I never owned any until I was in my thirties.

I remember it started with a dog that was left behind in my loft in Antwerp where I was running my first business. A hybrid shop-art gallery where I was selling jewellery, furniture and clothing made by artists. It was a black puppy very small and very alive. It came at a very difficult time in my life, and I felt a strong connection.

However, I let all the neighbours know that I was looking for the owner. I grew very attached to the little Iota, but one day a young girl called saying that her friend had left the dog behind in my shop to punish her and that she wanted it back. It was a horrible moment to have Iota leave after only two weeks so decided to get a dog of my own.

I bought a Westie a little white fluffy one that looked like a yarn of wool and named it Fil D’Art. (Phildar was a famous brand for wool in Europe I changed the spelling so he became part of the gallery. Pour Fil had no chance of filling the boots of Iota. I was not house trained, and it took a long time to teach him. My partner didn’t like him. I always compared him and how he was not as smart. The stress kept mounting, and Fil noticed it.

I was running a big exhibition for the Antwerp Academy in my cellar, and there was the little son of one of the artists who adored Fil. The kid had a lot of sadness around it and would flair up around each time they came to the gallery and played with Fil. Without words, I knew that kid was to be the owner of Fil, not me.

I am no Dr Doolittle, but I do communicate with animals at a non-verbal level. We all do it. However, we are not always aware that we are. If you have a pet, make some time just to sit with it and communicate. Be very patient and wait for the answer to pop up. It is a great form of meditation. While you talk to them, feel their aura with both hands and check what they want to tell you.

Let me know how you go.

PS: Fil ended up living with the kid who had a nice big back yard, and they lived happily ever after.

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