Day 10 Challenge:
Talking about what I enjoyed most about the challenge.
What is the biggest takeaway I had from it?
The next step I am going to take to make my freedom plan a reality.

What I enjoyed most in the last ten days is that we had a connection with so many people writing about the same thing.

We are all different, and somehow we have the same stuff happening. We wrote about our dreams, our challenges, our idea of what we want our freedom to look like.

The biggest takeaway I had from it is that daily blogging can be quick. I don’t have to write thousands of words; it can be a short blog. My favourite is probably the imperfect action. I have the tendencies to procrastinate and wait to do what needs to be done hiding behind the excuse of “I am not there yet, it is not perfect, it is not good enough”. Better to take small imperfect steps every day then doing nothing at all. This morning I had my second free aura healing on zoom, and it was not perfect however I loved it. I realise I don’t do enough marketing. I am always creating content, so this blog challenge made me realise I can do a small daily action towards growing my audience online.

My focus for the next three months is going to be to take small daily steps towards my goals. I have all my goals written in Evernote. I wrote them all down in the program of Michael Hyatt “Your Best Year Ever” but to be honest, I have not been updating them. Most of the year I spend pulling my head out of my butt. A very painful exercise that I would not recommend unless necessary. In my case it was overdue. I went through a long, dark night of the soul and I am now ready to share how to get back to the light. The sharing will be in short blogs every day. I liked to have a subject every day to make a blog about so I will miss that. I will have to make up my own as I go along.

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