Having a bat fly through my bedroom and and my ability to stay very calm and relaxed (even when it swoops towards me – the actual target being my reading lamp on the bedside table instead of my bed head is more likely) was a great exercise in staying present and allowing what is. To just sit there and look at it and loving what is rather than trying to change it and fighting it. In how many areas in our life do we have this same issue? Something happens in front of our eyes and we get spooked, triggered, excited, sad, angry, upset or any other involuntary reaction is provoked just by an external situation.

What is happening this week in your life that you really can’t stand any longer? What is the most annoying, frightening, upsetting thing that could happen right now? Can you change your belief around that situation? Can you accept what is and see the silver lining?

Post your comments here below and lets talk about this. Love to hear from you guys and have a wonderful time this week by accepting what is.