When you hear the word abundance, what feelings does it bring out in you? How do you feel when the word is used in conversation? Do you feel uplifted and associate with the feeling of being abundant, or does it make you more aware of where in your life there is a lack of things you would like to have?

When you think of abundance, does it mean having things or feeling a certain way?

When I reflect on what abundance means to me, I find that I am more interested in the feeling of abundance than the actual having of stuff. I remember times in my life when I had lots of stuff around me and I still felt poor because I didn’t have the time to enjoy it, or because I had no one to share it with. This taught me that the possession of something does not give me the result I am looking for when I want to feel abundant.

When I started to realise that what I really wanted in order to feel fulfilled was the feeling of abundance, I started to take mental note of the things that made me feel abundant. Then I could work on attracting more of the same into my life. Hugging a dog gives me a feeling of abundance, as does fresh food in the fridge, sitting by my pool, and reading a book. All these things are not overly expensive and yet they make me feel abundant.

Experiencing abundance can happen when we walk in nature and become aware how nature provides everything in multiple ways. An oak does not only have one or two acorns to make sure another oak can grow. No, it creates tons of acorns. The same with flowers; in certain seasons the flowers are everywhere, way more than is needed for the species to keep existing. I love walking under trees that are in full bloom to become drunk with the smell, colours and visuals of this type of abundance. Beauty is everywhere.

Hundreds of years ago Epicurus said:

“Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.”

You could write this quote on a post it note and hang it on your bathroom mirror

The law of attraction states that once you align vibrationally with what you want to manifest, it will make its way to you much faster. The more you vibrate at the level of feeling abundant, the more abundance will show up in your life. The same works for lack; the more you give attention to what is lacking in your life, the more lack you are manifesting.

I like the expression ‘My cup runneth over’ as it brings up the image of cornucopia, the horn of plenty, which is my favourite symbol to express the feeling of abundance. In my mind’s eye I see the horn filled with gold and precious stones, flowing continuously, a never-ending supply of all the goodies.

True abundance isn’t based on our net worth, it’s based on our self-worth Gabrielle Bernstein

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Abundance drawing