You can do anything you set your mind to


How has the year 2015 been so far for you? Are your dreams starting to manifest or would you like some extra tools to make them easier to reach? It is not too late to put some mojo behind the power of your intentions for 2015.

I am writing a whole chapter about this for my second book with lots of great tools to give that extra oomph to your intentions.



Here’s one of the tools you can implement right now to make your dreams come true in 2015.



The “Dear Universe” process is as simple as writing a letter but it will help you to:

Gain clarity on what it is you really want

Speed up the results of your wishes

Enable you to keep records of how well this magical process works.



It’s really easy to get started straight away:

1. Use your most inspiring stationary. If you don’t have gorgeous, inspiring paper to write on, go to the shop or hop online and buy some.

2. Use your favourite writing pen to make sure the writing flows. I love to write with an old-fashioned fountain pen.

3. In the top right hand corner of the paper, write the place and date.

4. In the top left corner, start writing your letter:

5. Address the letter Dear Universe. You could also use God, manifestation field or energy field. Use the title that sits best with you.

6. Let the universe know what it is you want: I’m writing to chat with you about my……….. one word describing what you want for example my computer, my car, my job, my partner, my wardrobe, my garden, my office.

7. Describing your desired situation in bullet points and be very clear and specific. Take yourself where you want to be and write down exactly what you see, touch, hear and smell. For example if it is a house you want to manifest, go to the house of your dreams in your mind and write down everything you see, starting with the garden, the surroundings, then the building. List how many rooms there are then visit each one. What does each room look like? Don’t forget to let the universe know how you would feel living in that specific house. Write it all down in your letter. Writing your intention down will help you get clarity about what you want and how you will feel when you get it. You can change the letter as many times you wish. This letter is written with an attitude of gratitude. You are saying thank you for granting your wish, and feeling how wonderful it would be to have this in your life. You need to be able to really believe this wish could come true, so it must be something that fits with your belief system and core values. Start with something easy like a pen or phone because it will be easier to believe it’s possible. Once you master the small stuff, grow the muscle of your power to create and the sky is the limit.


I invite you to try one wish out and give me feedback on how you went. What worked out and what did not work out? Go here below and leave a comment behind of what worked and what is still in the process of being manifested!

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