Messages from Angels


or is it just my inner guidance pointing me in a certain direction ?


Do you sometimes have the same message coming to you from all kinds of different angles, over and over again? The last couple of weeks I witnessed pointers towards a certain train of thought everywhere around me and yesterday it even showed up on the back of a pencil case.

It's up to you to find beauty in the  ugliest daysIt’s up to you to find beauty in the ugliest days

I have been immersing myself in the works of Abraham-Hicks and contemplating how to get and stay in what they call the “Vortex”. Abraham talks about the Law of Attraction and how we get what we want even when we think it is something we don’t want. The fact we keep focusing on something will bring it into our physical world. To make sure I concentrate on the positive things in my life, of which I want more and not to think about the negative ones that I want to get rid off I followed up the advise they gave about getting a notebook. I started writing in a beautiful green notebook and on the first page I wrote: The book of Positive Aspects.

Whenever I notice that my mind is occupied with unproductive, critical thoughts about something in my life  (my job, relationships, health, eating, exercising, financial worries…) I start a new page in my book and I write down all the things I do appreciate about the subject of my discontentment. The more I concentrate on positive aspects about something the more of the same will come to me the Law of Attraction states. Some might think that will turn me in some kind of a Pollyanna, then again I prefer to play The Glad Game instead of The Hunger Games…

My plan for the coming week is to be just like Pollyanna and to keep filling my little green book with everything I appreciate in my life as it is. I will even try to be grateful when I feel negative emotions, knowing my awareness of them is a sign of where to look into. They will show me where I, and my thoughts, are out of alignment with that what I really am and that it gives me the opportunity to change my thoughts. If I keep changing my thoughts enough eventually they will become my new beliefs, my new positive beliefs, who will help to allow the Law of Attraction to materialise that what I have been creating already in my mind.


Meanwhile I will start some new pages. Which titles will you use? I have now:

Positive aspects of insurance companies

Positive aspects of the Body Corporate

Positive aspects of banks

Positive aspects of a stressful job

Positive aspects of to many cars around me

Positive aspects of about me getting irritated

Now I will start filling in that page with all the good things I can come up with about those little pet hates of mine…


Post yours here below:


Love, as always