YES I Do & I Did It - Book Cover

About The Book

The book “YES, I do & I did it” is based on the life of Nadine Nelen. It starts with her early memories of being born and growing up in Europe. When she turned 40, she finally makes work of following her dreams and packs her suitcase to travel to Australia and start her life all over again. At least that is what she thinks she is doing…

She learned how to say yes to the challenges in life and travelled several continents to say I DO.

YES, I DO & I did it reveals mankind’s inner sanctuary to overcome the obstacles of limiting beliefs.

Before you move to other side of the world to feel better read this book, you might find some great tips on how to be happy right here and now without having to change where you are living. If you really want some good tips on how to change your life for the better, this is a must-read. Yes, you can do it too, a book about following your dreams!

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