Nadine Nelen

Psychic Healer, Author, Artist

Hi, I’m Nadine Nelen

I have an unusual talent. I am a psychic aura healer that cuts through all the blocks and gets results. I see right to the very heart of every issue – so when it seems like I’m reading your mind… it’s because I am.

Nadine and GoatFor years I worked in the corporate World, as a marketing and sales manager in the shipping industry – so I had to hide my gifts to fit in. Throughout my journey of empowerment, I learned how to take my life in my own hands and stop being the victim – so rather trying to fit into a World that didn’t fit me – I changed my life completely!

Now I live on my dream property in beautiful nature, surrounded by wild life with my family of adopted animals and my beautiful husband. We are close to the beach, and I live in paradise. This would not have been possible if I didn’t wake up and discover the true strength within me,

Now I spend my days chilling with alpacas, my 5 miniature goats and helping high powered women who, (maybe even secretly) know they are intuitive. My passion is to help amazing women like you to connect with the deepest parts of their soul, so rather than hiding from who they truly are – they step out and shine. They use their gifts to make the right decisions, to make the epic changes that seemed so hard before, without this guidance… And this is why I love my life.



More About Nadine Nelen

Being born a highly curious and intuitive Pisces Nadine Nelen, an Australian author, read as from a very young age all she could find about “life” and the reasons why we are here. She never stopped delving deeper into all the levels of consciousness and often compared herself to an onion of which she was peeling off layer after layer to eventually reach the core, the real essence of her being. This is what she realized during her Spiritual Awakening.

Next to her quest for the meaning of life part of her self development encompassed art school, much of her free time was spend drawing and painting the classical way until more recently she has switched to intuitive drawings. Following art school training Nadine achieved certification in “Touch for Awareness” and “Aura and Chakra healing” in Belgium. In 2002 she travelled to Glastonburry, UK, to become a Master in Reiki in the Usui Shiki Ryoho System.

Nadine has been an experienced Aura and Chakra healer since 1998, but kept it secret from everybody except for close friends. Throughout these years she has helped people heal incredible ailments, including physical issues such as gall stones that healed within a day. Obviously results vary person to person (nice little disclaimer!) but over and over again amazing results keep coming through!

Nadine Nelen - Author

Nadine Nelen – Author

Nadine added the Emotional Freedom Technique, also know as tapping, to her repertoire of healing skills. She partly corrected her eyesight with this technique.  Plus she has been certified in the Money Breakthrough Method®. This tool has been very successful in helping people create financial abundance.

Traveling and living in different continents Nadine speaks several languages Her linguistic skills as well her non verbal communication experience in working with autistic adults further add to her knowledge basis.

Once she finally decided to write a book it took about a year to find the right time and place to follow a webinar from Tom Bird. There she learned how to write from the right brain and just let the book flow out. Her first book “YES, I do & I did it” is now available on Amazon and a best seller in the Kindle version in his category.

She is working now on her next book with the working title “Now I allow” where she will go deeper into how she overcame the obstacles of limiting beliefs in her life. Sign up for the newsletter to make sure you get the latest updates and you can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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